Mears Floral Products - Floral Supply Catalog 2022

IFD Designer Tools OASIS® Floral FoamMaxlife BUILDING SOMETHING BETTER BRICK, BY BRICK To us, floral foam isn't an art, it's a science! A science we have been perfecting since 1954. Count on OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to support you with ultra-consistent floral foam made for maximum flower life. OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE FLORAL MEDIA Floral design meets the industry's first compostable, patent-pending floral media with OASIS® TerraBrick™ Floral Media. Plant-based, compostable, and re-usable for plants, this media is easy to design and boasts very good flower life. FibreFloral™ Design Media NATURAL FLORAL MEDIA Effortlessly create natural-looking designs from new FibreFloral™ Design Media from Smithers-Oasis. Derived from natural volcanic basalt rock, this product is easy-to-use to create stunning arrangements for any customer. Available in a wide array of bricks and shapes to help you get the most from designs. IFD Designer Tools Floral Media Certified Floral Media Certified 72 Please Call For Pricing H Available By Special Order 417-862-4394 • Toll Free 800-533-7043 Fax 417-862-2260 •