2018 Flower Trends Forecast

2 ON TARGeT When we talk trends, we are really speaking of consumer buying behavior. Fashion, social pressures, technology, and political environments all influence a buyer’s attitude toward the products they purchase. Studying consumer behavior allows us to understand how consumers’ preferences for product types, styles, and colors are evolving. Every day the flower industry depends on thousands of people to offer the best choices in flower types, stylings, and colors to their unique group of customers. Flower Trends Forecast provides the flower industry with updated information on changing consumer preferences for cut flowers. The information is designed to be used as a tool to help the industry respond to changes. The trends described in Flower Trends Forecast provide insight into what flowers, colors, and decor styles are becoming more popular. As always, it is important for flower experts to be aware of trends and use this information to better serve their customers. FlowerTrendsForecast.com stay updated on flower trends and new floral decorating fashions with new postings and links every month. The Flower Trends Forecast 2018 videos can be seen at flowertrendsforecast.com FlowerTrendsForecast.com TReND ReseARcH & DesIGN Michael skaff, AIFD, PFcI, AAF Michael J. skaff Displays PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Dreyfus Dreyfus + Associates Photography VIDeOGRAPHY Jasmine Kettenacher Arbor Group GRAPHIc DesIGN Tina Mitchell Nsite Graphics PROJecT DIRecTOR Jeff Lanman International Floral Distributors, Inc. ReseARcH & DesIGN TReND & cOLOR FORecAsTeR, DesIGNeR, sTYLIsT Michael skaff, AIFD, PFcI, AAF Michael J. Skaff utilizes his membership in the Color Marketing Group, National Interior Design Association, and the American Academy of Floriculture to study consumer preferences and provide the trends that keep us in tune with the modern day floral demands of brides and consumers. Skaff has worked with Vera Wang, Todd Oldham, Better Homes and Gardens , The Smithsonian Institute, the White House, and also owns Michael J. Skaff Displays. International Floral Distributors P.O. Box 8004 • Richmond, IN 47375 PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Dreyfus Dan Dreyfus owns a commercial photography business, Dreyfus + Associates Photography, Inc., in St. Louis, MO. His past work, which has been featured in numerous national and international publications, inspired Dreyfus to provide us with gorgeous trend flower, accent, and scene photos for our annual forecast. Dreyfus is also an adjunct photography professor at Webster University and founded the Light + Discovery Photo Workshops.