2018 BW Wholesale Florist Supply Catalog

Express.Floralife.com NO CUT Express Technology, invented by Floralife, is a revolutionary line of floral products that allows fresh cut flowers to be fed and fully hydrated, cut or no cut! Get Your FREE Express Universal 300 Trial Kit Today!* See first hand why you can stop cutting stems! The Express Universal 300 Kit includes: One pint of Express Universal 300, instructions to see Express Universal 300 in action and an evaluation form to share your results. For your FREE kit Email us at: marketing@smithersoasis.com *While supplies last. OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife with Enhanced Biodegradability is the only floral foam proven to provide flower life that lasts as long or longer than flowers in a vase of water. It improves flower life by up to 50 percent longer! ASTM D5511 certified biodegradable 100% within 567 days. Visit oasisfloralproducts.com/sustainability for more information. In OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife In vase and water OASIS ® FLORAL FOAM MAXLIFE IS THE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AND SMART ECONOMIC CHOICE FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their environment as they purchase for their businesses and for themselves. Today, you can lessen their concerns, because OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife with Enhanced Biodegradability was designed for today’s modern landfill to greatly reduce its environmental impact. All OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife products currently feature Enhanced Biodegradability. OA SIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife cartons are made of brown kraft to eliminate harmful bleaching chemicals and further reinforce our Enhanced Biodegradability has been added to all OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxli fe products – all densities and shapes – with DID YOU KNOW 77 PERCENT OF AMERICANS CONSIDER THE ENVIRONMENT WHAT IS OASIS ® FLORAL FOAM MAXLIFE WITH ENHANCED BIODEGRADABILITY? We continue to deliver innovations that keep flowers fresh up to 50 percent longer than other floral foams and today, we are proud to announce that OASIS ® Floral Foam Maxlife has been shown by ASTM D5511 to DAY 14 biodegrade 100% percent within 567 days in biologically active landfill conditions. INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S FIRST FLORAL FOAM WITH ENHANCED BIODEGRADABILITY OASIS ® FLORAL FOAM MAXLIFE PRODUCTS: ©2017 Smithers-Oasis Company. All rights reserved. OASIS® and VERTICAL BAR DESIGN® are registered trademarks of Smithers-Oasis Company.