2018 Flower Trends Forecast

3 FLOweR TReNDs FORecAsT sPONsORs Flower Trends Forecast is published by International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD) to provide the industry with information on the evolving needs of the customers we serve. Trend research, publications, and videos are made possible by the contributions of the IFD Member Distributors and the support of these key sponsors: DesIGN MAsTeR cOLOR TOOL equips us with the color sprays and accessory products demanded by creative floral professionals. dmcolor.com INTeRNATIONAL FLORAL DIsTRIBuTORs, INc. (IFD) is a marketing consortium of 19 flower distributors with over 60 locations in the United States providing flowers and supplies to leading floral decorators, designers, and retailers. ifd-inc.org AcceNT DécOR provides beautiful home decor, ceramics, glassware, and accessories for floral arrangements, events, and weddings. accentdecor.com AsOcOLFLORes , The Association of Colombian Flower Exporters, represents and promotes the flower growing industry in Colombia and works to attain comprehensive floriculture development. asocolflores.org cANDLe ARTIsANs , the makers of premier Patrician Brand candles, offers a full line of floral and Event Pack™ candles including tapers, pillars, votives, and floating candles. candleartisans.com DAVID AusTIN weDDING & GIFT ROses is a rose breeder dedicated to creating beautiful fragrant roses. Three generations of Austins have worked toward the goal of creating the most beautiful roses in the world. davidaustin.com FLORAcRAFT is the world’s largest fabricator and supplier of foam products for the craft, floral, and special event industries, including Styrofoam™ products in a wide variety of shapes. floracraft.com GOLDeN FLOweRs supplies quality cut flowers from 35 farms with more than 25 different products and over 500 varieties. goldenflowers.com PeTe GARcIA cOMPANY provides an expansive array of floral products under the FloraMart® umbrella, including Plus One, Giftwares, and Berwick Offray lines. floramart.com sMITHeRs-OAsIs is a global manufacturer and marketer of floral foams and accessory products including OASIS, Lomey, and Floralife brand floral products. oasisfloralproducts.com sYNDIcATe sALes manufactures, distributes, and imports a wide assortment of floral products and accessories. syndicatesales.com