IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2017

2 Research & Design TREND & COLOR FORECASTER, DESIGNER, STYLIST Michael Skaff, AIFD, PFCI, AAF Michael J. Skaff furnishes IFD with how the current global social, economic, and political unrest affects consumers’ preferences in the floral, fashion, and home décor industries. Skaff utilizes his membership in the Color Marketing Group, National Interior Design Association, and the American Academy of Floriculture to better equip IFD with trends that tune us into the modern day floral demands of brides and consumers. Skaff has worked with VeraWang, Better Homes and Gardens , The Smithsonian Institution, and the White House. He is the owner of Michael J. Skaff Displays in Savannah, GA. Flowers Create Memories that Last Forever The flowers at life’s special events become an important connection to the memories we create. Flowers create intimate connections and immediately impact our happiness. Attitudes, values, and emotions are unique to each of us, using the right flowers provides a unique way of connecting people on an emotional level. At a wedding the flowers reflect the personality and aspirations of the bride and groom. At a corporate event, the flowers help define the brand and the brand’s personality. Flowers provide the ideal medium to convey the emotion and message at these special events. Floral professionals magically create the décor and the feeling to make the perfect story. The floral professional knows just how to create the perfect setting with flowers to create a memory that last forever. FlowerTrendsForecast.com Stay updated on flower trends and new floral decorating fashions with new postings and links every month. The Flower Trends Forecast 2017 videos can be seen at FlowerTrendsForecast.com Video QR Code: PHOTOGRAPHY David Kesler, AIFD, PFCI David Kesler is a flower specialist and talented photographer. David captures the colors, textures, and flowers that make the Flower Trends Forecast story come to life. David, with his wife Leann, owns and operate Floral Design Institute in Portland, Oregon. VIDEOGRAPHER Y Darin Ingram, Grounded 4 Life Productions PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Day, Floral Design Institute GRAPHIC DESIGN Tina Mitchell, Nsite Graphics PROJECT DIRECTOR R Jeff Lanman, International Floral Distributors